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Date 17/06/2012
By Rajith
Subject Wishes

Hi!... Anna>>> I am wishing you to acheive more in your life...

I am very happy about your website...

So, nice...

Date 07/10/2011
By K Suguna
Subject hai darcius

Hai Darcius,
Unnoda kavithai yellam romba nalla iruku. nee senior researchera irukanu parthen. romba santhoshama iruku.

Date 24/09/2008
By Johnson .J.
Subject Wonderful Job

I am a B.Tech I.T. student. I read your C Puzzles. It is amazing. How could you think like this? Please do post more number of puzzles like this.

Date 26/07/2008
Subject OK OK

I didn't expect

Date 26/07/2008
By Ajai
Subject excellent

The website you have developed is simply superb. Well done Br.

Date 13/06/2008
By Franklin
Subject Really Good

Congrats for the launch of the site successfully.
The work u have done is really excellent. Let this prolong
without halt. Great ....

Date 12/06/2008
By Antony
Subject Incredible

It's said, Well begun is Half Done. Here is the sketch for an unmatched master piece.

Date 11/06/2008
By James Franklin
Subject Great start!!!

Good job....wish you good luck!

Date 09/06/2008
By Anto Francis Xavier
Subject kalakki putta

ela mapla supera iruku la entha ithula design pannina...

Date 09/06/2008
By Tomm
Subject Fantastic!

Tats a great start, I guess ders much more in store!

Date 09/06/2008
By Stephen
Subject Good....

Add more and more knowledge of yours.....

Date 09/06/2008
By Arokiaraj S
Subject Good Job !!!

Wishing you a grand success in your career !

Pera ketaalae Korea athirudhu illa !!!

Date 09/06/2008
By Prakash
Subject Profile

Photo change pannita polla

Date 09/06/2008
By Ruby
Subject Gr8 Job

Well Done buddy


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